Proven by dentists and dental researchers.

• Tongue cleaning reduces mouth odor by 75%.
• Cleaning the tongue and brushing teeth together will reduce mouth odor by 85%.
• Brushing teeth reduces mouth odor by 25%.

The surface of the tongue is one of the main breeding grounds for bacteria that attack teeth and gums. The total bacteria count on the dorsum of the tongue can be reduced as much as 50% after only ONE DAY of TONGUE CLEANING in comparison to one week of tongue brushing to achieve the same results.

Tongue Cleaning significantly reduces dental plaque by 33% without causing any deleterious tissue changes in the tongue.
Tongue Cleaning is an especially important procedure for heavy smokers, mouth breathers, or those who do not use their dentures due to unduly coated tongues.
Tongue Cleaning reduces a source of halitosis, root caries, and improves taste acuity and interest in different varieties of food in the elderly.

The toothbrush is designed specifically to remove plaque from teeth. It is not designed to clean the tongue’s histological structure effectively. Daily cleaning of the tongue is an important part of “Total Mouth Care” in addition to brushing and flossing.

Advantages of ORAcare tongue cleaners

• Obvious removal of thick gelatinous tongue coating (plaque).
• No deleterious tissue changes in the tongue.

• Convenient, safe, effective, and easy to use!
• Improves confidence and taste!

For a nation whose people spend untold dollars each year on mouth rinses, breath mints, mouth sprays, and other products to freshen breath and mouth, it seems absurd that one of the simplest and easiest methods to achieve this goal has been ignored…
The ORAcare Tongue Cleaner! Try It Today!!

For optimum efficiency a replacement of the tongue cleaner in 3-5 months is highly recommended.

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