Carepro: Background

  • What is Carepro Marketing Sdn Bhd?

    Carepro is a leading Malaysia healthcare and skin care products distributor. Our current line of beauty products and health-food products come from the USA, UK, Singapore, Latin America, India and Malaysia. We distribute our products to pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal-care stores, beauty salons and medical halls all over Malaysia.

    Carepro is planning to expand and introduce new products in the field of beauty and health care. We assure our customers that every product we introduce to the market is fresh, highly innovative and has superior quality. Each of our products came from the most reliable brand names, and they have passed strict quality compliance before being introduced to the market.

  • Carepro Goal
    We continuously try to improve our service by streamlining and upgrading our systems to comply with international standards. Our goal is to become a leader in top quality beauty care and health products in the Southeast Asia region. We are gradually reaching this goal with the help of our dedicated Carepro team and everyone who appreciates our products.
  • Carepro Products
    The beauty and health products that we offer include Yoko style, BioTest, Skin Doctor, Maxi-Peel, Snake Brand, Tru Essentials Body Care, Ora Care, More-T, ForSure Pregnancy Test Kit, Tropicana Slim, Vitress Hair Solution and more. We want to provide products that can make a difference in promoting a healthy lifestyle. We know that most people today are busy with their careers, which can bring constant stress and pressure to their lives. If your busy lifestyle has affected your looks and your health, our beauty care and health products can help you bring back and retain your youthfulness.
  • Carepro Website
    You can visit our website so that you can view the complete list of our products. We have the products section where you will find images of all the products that we are offering. We also include a list of stores, pharmacies and supermarkets where you can buy our products. You can find our products at Tesco, Caring Pharmacy, Alpha Pharm, Aeon, Alpro, Multicare, NSK, Speedmart 99 and Health Lane Family Pharmacy. Carepro is a customer-centered company that always strives to achieve excellence by promoting, providing and delivering top quality beauty care and health products.

Carepro Marketing Sdn Bhd is today’s distributor of quality health food and beauty products to pharmacies, personal care stores and supermarkets throughout Malaysia and Brunei. We are actively promoting and distributing products from the U.K., U.S.A, Germany, Latin America, Singapore, India as well as Malaysia.


  • Company Vision
  • Company Mission

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It is our vision to be one of the leading institutions in the marketing and distribution of quality health and beauty care products within South East Asia region as we promote total wellness for all.

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At Carepro, we believe that to achieve excellence, we must continually strive to be customer-centred and ensure an effective and efficient delivery system.

To continue building on our core values of dedication, teamwork, integrity and responsibility, we provide continuing education, and human resource development in order to expand our knowledge and skills.

Our products must be sourced and evaluated carefully to ensure uncompromising quality and value for money. Further to that, we have to deliver promptly to assure our customers product availability at all times.


The strength of our company lies in its well-established network and experienced, dedicated personnel. Our channels currently comprise of chain pharmacies, independent pharmacies, personal care stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, medical halls and beauty saloons. The inventory, logistics, and customer response management systems are continuously fine-tuned to comply with international standards of best practices.

Moving forward, the company will expand its product range to cover new aspects of health and beauty care with innovative products. At the same time, Carepro aspire to tap into other retail channels e.g. spas and health rejuvenation centres as well as regional markets.