T-shaped toothbrush is invented with the concept of “caring for teeth”. It emphasizes the correct method of brushing, using up and down brushing movement, from gum to teeth to gum, effectively cleaning all surfaces of teeth and remove stains and plaques. This is so true because our teeth needed to be take care of in our daily life. Brushing teeth twice a day is important, proper brushing method is nonetheless crucial to maintain oral health and oral hygiene.

Dupont Nylon 612 filament is high quality materials with “round ending tips”. The surface finish is compliance with United States Food and Drug Administration (FDAs) regulations. These filaments are not affected by chlorinated solvents. Besides, they are resistant to attack by rodents, insects, and fungi, and hence could be safely stored for long period without damage. Benefit of using Dupont Nylon 612 filament is to minimize gum damages, especially for those who suffer from gum sensitivity.

Benefit of More-T Toothbrushes
• Remove Dirt from teeth
• Reduces Tooth Decay
• Removes Stains and Plaques
• Reduce Gum Damage
• Remove Bad Breath