Double Panda

In Southeast Asia, due to the extreme tropical weather all year around, many people trend to suffer form heat stroke, headache and dizziness. Hot and wet weather may also constitute to joint and muscular pains, insect and mosquito bites are also common. Therefore, Double Panda Peperminthol Oil has been formulated to relief of body heatiness.

The main ingredients of Double Panda Peperminthol Oil are: Menthol, Peppermint Oil, Camphor, Cinnamon Oil and Clove Oil.

Menthol and Peppermint Oil
- Relief of pain and itch associated with insect bites, antiseptic, anesthetic, stimulating, cool, anti-inflammatory, headache and respiratory inflammation.

- Eliminate dampness, kill parasite, relieve swelling and alleviate pain, scabies and tinea.

Cinnamon Oil
- Expel cold, alleviate pain and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

Clove Oil
- Bacteriostatic, relieve toothache caused by dental caries, stomach-cold syndrome with vomiting and alleviate pain.

Convenience packing of Double Panda Peperminthol Oil is easy to carry and essential for travel. Besides, the price is inexpensive.

Product Indication: Traditionally used for temporary relief of minor pains and aches of muscular or joints, mild headache, mild abdominal pain, itching associated with insect bites.

Dose/Use Instruction: Clean the affected area with warm water or clothes and apply the oil gently on the affected area, 4 times daily.